Our commitment is not limited to customers,
that is why through Fundación Dalton®
we contribute to the integral improvement of society.
We promote the education of young people through the
Bachillerato Pedro Arrupe,
"Jóvenes llamados para transformar el mundo".
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Fundación Dalton®

It arises from the need to give back to our Society something of the much it has given us.

Fundación Dalton chaired by Mr. Hideo Kimura, seeks to support the community in the integral development of the individual. The improvement of their quality of life and the prosperity in their environment, by generating opportunities for education and sustainable training for young people designing, promoting or supporting as a priority those projects that allow sustainability in the generation of such opportunities.

President Hideo Kimura

In Guadalajara we have ITAT in La Ciudad de los Niños del Padre Cuéllar and Casa Don Bosco in San Luis Potosí

from where Automotive Technicians are graduate every year to integrate into working life.

President Hideo Kimura



We act honestly and show respect.

Communicate in a honest, direct and constructive manner.

Accept personal accountability for mistakes and immediately report them to management.

Reject all forms of corruption.


We are all reliable

Always speak the truth.

Keep promises and commitments.

Trust coworker and teammate commitments.

Focus on finding solutions and achieving results, rather than excuses or blaming others.

Actively engage in discussions and fully support decisions once they are made.


We’re humble, and want to learn from anyone, anywhere.

Solicit and provide feedback in search of continuous improvement.

Admit mistakes and learn from them.

Respect and never underestimate our competition.

Recognize that vanity and arrogance precede failure.

Value manual work as much as management.


We’re passionate about our name, our customers, services, products and brands.

Show pride for Dalton® and its legacy.

Serve and delight our customers exceeding their expectations.

Promote a positive, enthusiastic and fun environment.

Generate creative and innovative ideas and solutions.

Firmly and courageously protect our reputation.

Perform with inspiration with a good dose of analysis.


Facing God, we share a project life balancing family and work.

Individuals are at the core of all values; beginning and end of our actions.

Our Company has to be both human and productive.

Personally commit to wholly developing team members.

Actively participate with the community sharing talent and resources.


We enjoy and share sucess.

Achieve results and celebrate them with team members.

Work with others as a team to accomplish results and leadership.

Have a "can-do" attitude and drive to get the job done.

Make tough decisions and take responsibility for the outcome.

Our company has to be profitable.


We strive for simplicity.

Adopt activities that add value and speed.

Work across organizational boundaries and break down internal barriers.

Deal with persons and issues directly sharing all available information.

Demonstrate empowerment by acting and deciding.

Execute rapidly with quality, on the first shot.